Song of the Shuswap

Gliding across centuries,
blending fire-notes from the sun
with cooling chords of the wind,
the song came to rest
along the Shuswap shoreline.

It rejoiced in the vigor of growth
that spilled through forests and valleys,
gathering colors from every season
and weaving them into a fluid melody.

It embraced the vibrant spirit
of the landís inhabitants
as it settled into crevices of time,
slowing lifeís cadence
to a trickle of multi-hued moments.

Once in a while, when shadowy wings
skim the lakeís moon-glazed surface,
flickering notes of cobalt green and blue
may be seen rising from its depths:
the Song of the Shuswap
soaring forth to join auroral harmonies
of stars and galaxies...

© Laryalee Fraser

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