Lavender Moments

Lavender moments roll down through the greyness
that sometimes hangs heavily over our heads;
if we can just catch one and breathe in its essence,
our thoughts will go swinging on lavender threads.

Lavender moments are clear with a focus
that shows us the rush of this journey we're on;
we suddenly see the importance of pausing
to savor the sunlight before it has gone.

Lavender moments are fresh with awareness
of all that is precious -- the waking-up smile
of a loved one, the warm validations of friendship,
the markers we leave at the end of each mile.

They're filled with an ‘ah’, like a soft-feathered murmur
that layers a hush on our workaday lives.
Our burdens feel lighter, our faith becomes stronger
whenever a lavender moment arrives.

© Laryalee Fraser

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