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February, 2004 ~ Judie Peet

This month, A Poetry Garden was a special dedication to a
dear friend and talented poet, who was fighting cancer.

Sadly, on June 23, 2004, Judie Peet lost the battle.

Jude's wonderful poems reflect her interest in
palaeontology, her love of birds and and nature,
her compassionate heart and delightful sense of humor.

Her words touched many people, and she leaves a space
that cannot be filled. But still, we hear the echoes...

Here is a duo that Jude and I did: Odes to March

Another friend, Mary Sullivan, prepared a wonderful website for Jude:
Jude ~ Australian Poet & Conservationist

Jude, how we miss you....
but we cherish the joy of knowing you...
~ Lary ~

The Moment of Knowing

Inside of me and just below my heart,
another heart now beats its tiny drum,
and having heard it, even though it's part
of me, I realise - am overcome
by knowing in a strange clairvoyant way -
that she whose heart it is will hear a song
that I have never heard. Her drum will play
a tune that sounds absurd to me, and wrong.

I stand, quite lost to all the world outside
and stare unseeing at the doctor's door
where with his stethoscope we heard inside
my womb. I touch that mound where she's secure
for now, and vow to hold this moment dear
and think on it through each contentious year!

© Copyright Judie Peet

Eclipse of the Moon

How kind the sun, the earth, the moon
to juxtapose for me
no finer birthday present
for moon-child could there be

one hundred and fifty years from now
will another watch as I
that shadow creep to redly cloak
her moon in that rare sky?

into that time my spirit flies
to save myself a place
and I will somehow meet her there
the one who wears my face.

© Copyright Judie Peet

The River Claims Her Own

Now clouds hang low and shed their rain
from a bruised and swollen sky:
the river claims her own again.

The plains-folk watch with eyes of pain
where their farm land once was dry,
now clouds hang low and shed their rain.

Every hour is the river's gain,
it's no use to wonder why:
the river claims her own again.

The water creeps, a darkened stain,
and the women will not cry;
now clouds hang low and shed their rain.

The men look grim and show the strain,
as they shake their heads and sigh:
the river claims her own again.

Their levees fail, all built in vain;
they must bid their land goodbye.
Now clouds hang low and shed their rain,
the river claims her own again.

© Copyright Judie Peet


Jude also wrote lovely haiku and senryu...

ten white cockatoos
pushing the storm cloud away

summer storm -
the carpark
overflows with rainbows

morning garden
too silent -
a pile of feathers

windless chimes -
a glint of sunlight
striking the right notes

afternoon rain
the lawn cold and wet -
my bare feet

shadowed garden -
a golden lily
captures sunshine

on his knees
weeding my garden

in my cupboard
mouse nest
here kitty kitty

mountain track
slippery with mud
you go first

© Copyright Judie Peet

Diamond Firetail

Look on top of all the grasses
tiny lights, a flash that passes
faster than an eye can blink
faster than the brain can think
a living jewel, a tiny bird
now sits atop the grass he stirred;
black waistcoat with diamonds white
crimson beak and rump as bright!
On his own for just a second -
then the flock somehow has beckoned
out they fly and then close ranks
in the grasses, up the banks.

Soft their murmuring as they go
their small red tail lights briefly glow
then they disappear again
Diamond Firetails on the Plain.

© Copyright Judie Peet