An empty beach...
the moon lights a pathway
to itself

Edward Zuk
crescent moon
a periscope rises
from the oil spill

Peggy Willis Lyles

half caught
in a dish of stars
rising moon

Kilmeny Niland
Quaint company:
together in the cobweb
a fly and the Moon

Vasile Moldovan

my walk ends...
a thin line of moon
hinting at the rest

Zane Parks

an empty beach ... Frogpond '95; Red Moon Anthology '96
crescent moon ... To Hear the Rain (Brooks Books, 2002)
half caught ... 3rd, Paper Wasp Jack Stamm award 2000
quaint company ... Simply Haiku V2N3
my walk ends ... Modern Haiku XXV:3 (1994)
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