A Simple Light

Flamboyant peaks of yearning are arrayed
between the loops of garlands, deftly tossed;
hypnotic chants unroll a foil parade --
as though we measure love by what it costs.
The purity of Christmas starts to fade
and tarnish shows beneath the peeling gloss.

But when the Christmas light shone down, it blest
a humble bed of straw. And glory rose
to drench the earth from sea to mountain crest.
There were no tinsel strings or glitter bows,
but what a glow! Could anyone have guessed
the gift of hope a simple Star bestows?

Christmas Memories

They dance on every cushioned bough,
each silver garland's sway
a darting row of Christmas joys
from poignant yesterdays.

We feel them gently ripple
on the surface of our minds...
a slow-dissolving trickle
through the crevices of time.

They rise on wings of carol notes
in multi-colored flight
to paint a pale reflection on
the pensive sphere of night.

The texture of these memories
is still within our grasp,
and wafting winds can bring to us
the scent of Christmas past.

Christmas Wrapped-Away

The candles flicker out; the ginger-spiced
aroma fades; the room is ghostly calm.
She holds the moments - bittersweet and iced
with hugs and laughter - melting in her palm.

The lights that sparkle on each shimmered bough
no longer sing for her; a silent pall
descends. She sits and stares, as though somehow
she'll catch an echo creeping on the wall.

A part of her still waits; but no more knocks
will come. She takes each hour of the day
and puts them gently in her keepsake box;
another precious Christmas-wrapped-away.

Blessings of the Star

Its glow became a symbol
that reflects His holy birth;
its radiance a tonic
to refresh a tired earth.

At Christmas time we pause
in veneration of its light;
it holds a hope its rays can cleave
the darkness of the night.

We need to stretch and touch
the peace this special Star imparts,
and place a tiny particle
inside our anxious hearts.

© Laryalee Fraser