The greyness....

* * * * * * * * *

Invalidated farewell

I watch in tender desperation
as corners of your thoughts
unfasten, fall, dissolve
like wintered-over leaves
composting in a pile

I wash your threaded body
guide small-piece suppers
to your weak, obedient mouth
its passive smile
innocent acceptance

I cry, not for the burden
but for the emptiness
as fog embalms
your eyes
shrouding identity, location

I'm nudged at times
by gentle pangs
that you are blanketed
in contentment

while I am the one
who is lost

One Silver Moment

Out of the dust, floating,
a shining moment rose. . .

Your faded eyes warmed
with recognition.
Reaching out from the vast greyness
where you were imprisoned,
your hand, thin and trembling,
touched my cheek.
Your voice straining yet firm, you whispered
"You know - I love you".

Then grey folded you back
in its envelope.
Awareness dissolved again
to dust.

This is my silver moment now. . .
rolling through the hallways
of my emptiness.

Thank you, dear

The evening sky is bitter,
darkness pulling down its shade;
a final candle flickers
on the footprints we have made.

We stumbled, soared and spiralled,
bruised our knees on rocky paths;
we gathered golden moments
tinged with tenderness and laughs.

The brightness that we gleaned
is stored securely in a jar;
I hope its warmth has followed
where you're drifting, frail and far.

In days to come, when I'm alone
in hollow vaults of time
I'll lift a shining memory out
and tuck it in my mind.

My heart will say again these words
I whisper in your ear:
"For all the years and all the love,
I want to thank you, dear."

© Laryalee Fraser