What Shade of Blue

What shade of blue evokes a song?
The throbbing glint of swallow wings,
the tinted pall entombment brings
when loneliness has sighed too long;
the waves that through life's portal sweep,
the iridescent sands of sleep;
and butterflies that don't belong
on trees now chilled, and sparsely lean.

What shade of blue resembles pain?
The turquoised slash of twilight's sword
on monuments that we have poured;
the girth of day's ill-fitting gain
tight-laced with cords of pulsing fear
that hope itself will disappear
till shadows without source remain
and time devours all that's been.

What shade of blue remembers light?
The azure notes of freedom's dance
when words of innocence entranced
and eyes were hued with love's delight;
when now this shell in respite lies
and footsteps on fluorescent skies
reflect a soul's celestial flight
where blue exists in shades unseen.

Tender Walks the Night

Tender walks the night
when there is sorrow in the garden,
softly sigh the branches
on the passageway of tears.
The candleglow of heaven
lights the path so newly-trodden,
resting on the shoulders
of the loved ones gathered near.

Slowly folds the rosebud,
petals closing in the dark;
the scent of love will linger,
giving strength to bear the burden.
Memories will open --
let the flow of healing start.
Tender walks the night
when there is sorrow in the garden


How many centuries cling to a tear?
Translucent reflections of time-worn pain
congeal in the center of every drop.

How many voices embed in a song?
From hollows of deep, gene-threaded mist,
a heart-throb pulses in every note.

We carry the fervor of ancient dreams
from generations of weary souls
who left on their final healing flight.

Yet the flow of our past and our yet-to-be
is merely a particle flicker of light
that floats on the tip of eternity's brush.

© Laryalee Fraser


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