Katikati Haiku Pathway

The Katikati Haiku Pathway, one of New Zealand's Millennium Projects, opened in June 2000, with 24 boulders. Three more were added later; then in 2007, another three. When Sandra Simpson, secretary for the project committee, informed me that one of my haiku published in Simply Haiku (v3n1) had been selected for a position along the pathway, I was thrilled! It is truly an honor to be included.

almost sundown
the day lengthens
car by car

Sandra took photos as the work progressed. This is Peter Cramond carving my boulder:

The committee selected haiku that fit various locations along the path. The two other new boulders/poets were:

empty platform -
my shadow grows longer
waiting for you

Jacek Margolak, Poland

summer clouds
the river and I
inclined to the sea

Peter Yovu, USA

On July 24/07, Sandra sent a report to the three of us:

"This morning we had a blessing and dedication of the three new poem-boulders, and a very pleasant occasion it was. Maori elders from the local marae led the dedication, which included a prayer (in Maori), hymns and each person present touching each of the rocks. Each poem was also read out and a small biography of each poet given. The Mayor of the rural district which includes Katikati made a short speech and everyone adjourned for morning tea at the home of Catherine Mair, our chairwoman, afterwards."

Although I'll never see the Pathway in person, I feel a warm connection
to this faraway community. And I appreciate the hard work of all those involved, including the volunteers who put in so many hours. I smile
each time I think of my little haiku from Canada on its special rock
"down under"!

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